"By Time! Indeed, Man is in a state of loss" - Quran (Surah al-Asr, verse 1-2)
Discover What Our Beautiful Deen Teaches Us About 
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Do you often feel rushed, disorganized and overwhelmed? 
Why not learn about how to bring Barakah back into your days. 
What this book will teach you:
  • Realize why Muslims are especially blessed with our time
  • You will learn about a short surah which you probably read regularly in your salah. After this article, your understanding will come to life - even if you don't know Arabic!
  • Discover the Prophet's (s.a.w.) comprehensive advice on how to spend our time before it's too late
  • 7 Action Points you can implement straight away!
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About The Author
Tushar Imdad
Tushar is a Certified High Performance Coach and Leader in Islamic Time Management who specializes in helping busy Muslim professionals, CEOs and entrepreneurs overcome overwhelm and achieve clarity, organisation and progress across all areas of life. He has featured on Islam Channel, The Muslim CEO Show, ProductiveMuslim.com and SeekersGuidance.org
100s of happy readers, students and clients
  • Your life is breaths... I personally use the personal management systems that Tushar is teaching, and have found them extremely helpful. I know Tushar to be an engaging teacher, and an example of competence and commitment to excellence. Highly recommended!"  Shaykh Faraz Rabbani, Executive Director of SeekersGuidance.org
  • MashAllah another great read! May Allah SWT reward you abundantly for the mubarak work you are doing!
    Tawfiq, Australia
  • I just read this article and alhamdulillah I really loved it! This was exactly what I was looking for right now. 
    Fatima, UK  
  • Tushar makes us realize that we can do much more than what we are doing now and enjoy doing it. We really feel that we can do more without the fear of being overwhelmed. Boumediene Hamzi, Professor of Mathematics
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